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P.O. BOX 500
Phone: 734-847-7163
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 Yardwaste Rules

      You must call us up to start yardwaste service. Yardwaste season starts April 1st and runs through November 30th. Your seasonal rates are for these dates only. Any yardwaste hauled outside of these dates will be subject to additional charges this includes Christmas Trees.
Yardwaste and garbage will continue to be hauled on the same days with different trucks. Trash and Yardwaste need to be placed on opposite sides of your drive. This will help the drivers to provide you with better service.
Yardwaste will need to be in an open container, such as garbage cans (no larger then 20 gallons due to weight) or biodegradable paper bags. Plastic bags will not be hauled. Yardwaste and garbage can not be mixed together!
Branches still need to be bundled no longer than 4 foot.
For your convenience we have biodegradable lawn and leaf bags for sale in our office.
Please call our office for seasonal price rates, or refer to your yearly yardwaste letter.
If you have any questions regarding your yardwaste service please call.